Help Document: The Input Panel

CompARE Team

Running CompARE

The Input Panel provides the user with a number of input parameters to chose from. The input panel of CompARE-Binary is composed of three different tabs:


This is the main part of the input parameters.

The following table summarizes the statistical problem in each case:

Parameter Effect Parameter Effect Null hypothesis Alternative hypothesis
Risk difference \(\delta_* = p_*^{(1)} - p_*^{(0)}\) \(\delta_* = 0\) \(\delta_* < 0\)
Relative risk \(\textrm{R}_* = p_*^{(1)}/p_*^{(0)}\) \(\log( \textrm{R}_* ) = 0\) \(\log( \textrm{R}_* ) < 0\)
Odds ratio \(\textrm{OR}_* = \frac{p_*^{(1)}/q_*^{(1)}}{p_*^{(0)}/q_*^{(0)}}\) \(\log( \textrm{OR}_* ) = 0\) \(\log( \textrm{OR}_* ) < 0\)


Set the strength of correlation between endpoints by means of Pearson’s correlation coefficient (\(\rho\)).


Since most of the times this information is unavailable, CompARE will produce plots to visualize how much the correlation impacts on the calculations.

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